Book Translations

Tech4Terranova is not only a site for my, Becca McIver's, Girl Scout Gold Award, but also a place for work from other students. Pooja D. has her work from her Girl Scout Silver Award. The following is a description from her project:

Pooja: This project for the Terranova School was to translating several books from English to Tonga.  Kids from grades 4 and below cannot yet read English, so I translated them into Tonga, they can read the books that we send over to them for their enjoyment.  Also, if they have the Tonga and English translation they might be able to learn a few words in English without having to learn it during class.  These kids are eager to learn and love reading every book they can get their hands on.

 A Cuddle for Little Duck
 Ten Chirpy Chicks Too Many Cats