About Girl Scouts & Girl Guides

As mentioned on the History of the Tech4Terranova Project page, the original web site was built by Becca McIver for her Girl Scout Gold Award project. She is a 12 year member of Girl Scouts of the United States of America and wanted to share exactly what Scouts/Guides are all about, and how it has led her and many other girls to equally wonderful projects that help others world-wide.

Girl Scouts and Girl Guides as known in many countries and are part of an international organization called World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts but WAGGGS for short. Here is a little information about WAGGGS :

WAGGGS is broken up into 5 regions world-wide:

Since Woodward Academy is located in the United States, we are put of the Western Hemisphere Region. With The Terranova School being in Zambia, they are in the Africa Region.

Another great benefit which WAGGGS offers is their World Centers which encourages girls to meet fellow scouts and guides:

Learn more about scouting world-wide including, Boy Scouts...