The History of the Tech4Terranova Project

This site was initially built as a training video and resource blog-type web site for the Terranova School in Zambia, Africa. The school is the sister school to Woodward Academy in College Park, Georgia, U.S. The idea for the project started in 2010 when Becca McIver '11 had several discussions with George Dietz, Woodward's main liaison to Terranova.  She wanted to find a way to help the Terranova School as the project for her Girl Scout Gold Award.  Encouraging and expanding technology use at the school helped answer her desire to have a global outreach to another community and would also extend Woodward's educational work with their sister school. 

Becca McIver with one of the Terranova School teachers
The project initially helped give the teachers and students at the Terranova School educational internet resources and computer training videos in one place.  This would save time looking for internet resources and information since they have a satellite internet connection (see where Terranova is located). It is also useful for them to have available the resources that teachers in the Woodward community may use since the number of textbooks are also limited at the Terranova school for both teachers and students.

Once the project began, there was more requests from the teachers at the Terranova School to have expanded internet resources posted.  The project also extended to a 
younger Girl Scout who helped facilitate translations of picture books from Tonga to English.  Several of them are published as PDFs on the site so there is a "home" for them.

After Becca's visit to the Terranova School and Coffee Estate in July 2011, she felt that the best direction for Tech4Terranova would be to change it over to a web site.  This allowed for expansion of educational resources for the Terranova community.  During her visit she also took them solar ovens that she built and 100 friendship bracelets that she made.  Additional resources for solar cooking have been added and crafts and other skills will be added in the future. Becca also plans to help some teachers promote some of the skills found in the Girl Guide program in Zambia and other countries in the African WAGGGS region.

Becca is now in school at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania.  She will continue to consult with George Dietz, other teachers at Woodward, and the school's web master, Patty McIver to add resources to the site and expand on other areas to help the school and community.  If you have any suggestions for Tech4Terranova that are educational, easily downloadable and relevant for students in Zambia, please see the email link to the left.

Terranova students with Becca McIver - July 2011