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Terranova Trip – Wrap-up: 7/22/2011

posted Sep 28, 2011, 12:06 PM by Becca McIver   [ updated Sep 28, 2011, 2:18 PM ]
We all finally got home and settled back down here in Atlanta after two long days of travel.

The final afternoon turned around with what I wanted to accomplish although the power was still out. I brought a few teachers up to Mr. Street's house where there is a generator so we could get the wi-fi going and start showing the teachers more of the resources that they have access to. I got some great feedback on their newest needs like history sites for Zambia and Africa. I hope that this communication with the school will continue now that I am back home.

All the students at the school also enjoyed the movie along with the popcorn and lollipops the group from Woodward prepared for them. After the movie they held a good-bye ceremony for us where some of the older kids recited poems they had written about Woodward and all we have done for them. Then a group of the younger boys and girls then performed more traditional Zambian dances to show us some of their culture. The final part of the good-bye was a skit the grade 12 students had put together for us. It was great to see all of the kids wanting to show us their skills and appreciation for all that we had done for them. After the kids were done we also said our good-byes to all of the teachers and administrators. It was a hard to go after spending so much time with them and knowing there was even more we could do.

After the ceremony, everyone in the group headed back up to the house except for me.  I actually headed the other way, back down to the school where I finally got to work more one on one with some teachers who were willing to stay a little late to look through this blog with me. We spent about a half-hour navigating the pages. It was hard for them to think of new additions or changes to be made off the top of their heads, but they promised to get in touch soon with any thing they saw.